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Biking on Sanibel

By Staff | Jul 21, 2010

To the editor,

We thought one had to die to go to Heaven, but all one has to do is cross the bridge to Sanibel Island and start biking!

We arrived on the 1st of June and to date have 1,665 miles on our bikes (which do not have gears). There is nothing so wonderful as biking on Sanibel. In the summer when the temperature is very hot, biking can be quite cool as one generates a lovely breeze when biking

We have been biking on Sanibel now for eight years and to date have 15,456 miles, which is the equivalent of travelling five times across the U.S.! Is this a ‘casual’ cycling record on Sanibel?

Each year, we get older (like everyone else) but biking for us seems to be getting easier. This year, we treated ourselves to two nice soft saddle covers. These appear to have helped somewhat.

Apart from the usual biking paths, we found many more interesting places to bike i.e. The Dunes, Wulfert, Beachview, Bailey Tract, Heron’s Landing, Henderson, Dinkins Bay, Dixie Beach and the Lighthouse fishing pier.

You will not believe: When we return to Ireland, we do not bike at all!

We are half way through our vacation now and already we are looking forward to next year’s biking here. We shall rent a tandem and hopefully Frank will do all the pedaling and I shall just sit on the back and enjoy biking.

Next year? Who knows, we might even ride the bikes in the Fourth of July parade.

In order to see Sanibel at its best, get on those bikes and start biking!

Frank & Denise Coyne

Dublin, Ireland