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Lee County planner Ebaugh meets with panel, residents

By Staff | Jul 15, 2010

Newly appointed Lee County Planner Kathie Ebaugh met with members of the Captiva Community Panel and island residents on Wednesday to discuss the panel’s work on the land development code. Max Forgey, who worked on the language of the code with Morris-Depew and Associates, was also in attendance.

Ebaugh said the meeting was well overdue.

“I wanted you to have a chance to meet me, to talk about what kinds of issues you all are facing and to start a working relationship that we hope will continue well into the future,” Ebaugh said.

She took her position as a planner for Lee County three months ago, but she said it’s felt like much longer — in a good way.

“I think this is the best planning job in Florida because you get to do so much and work with so many great people. I’m really excited to be here,” Ebaugh said.

Panel members and residents took turns asking Ebaugh and Forgey questions about the land development code and the steps that remain in order to have the draft approved.

Ebaugh said she will be attending next month’s panel meeting with more information on Tuesday, Aug. 10 at 9 a.m., in the Wakefield Room at ‘Tween Waters Inn.

‘Tween Waters Inn is located at 15951 Captiva Drive.