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English is now outdated

By Staff | Jul 14, 2010

To the editor,

So, the governor of Arizona is accused of racial profiling because of her new immigration law? I guess there must be people of other countries besides Mexicans that are coming across the Mexican border in as great a number then we know of. Gimme a break!

When a store, or a person is robbed I suppose calling the suspect white, black, yellow or purple would be racist and not narrow the search? Gimme a break!

This country is great because of legitimate immigrants. There is a legal process for immigration in every country, and we are now finding out why. When the flood gates are open for illegal immigration the culture of a country changes to accommodate our new population, and in some instances we have to learn a new language in order to get a job! English is now outdated.

Think I’m kidding?

Telephone any large company and what do you hear? “Press one for English, or two for you-know-what. Listen to the men working on most of your neighbor’s yards and lawns. Go into any restaurant kitchen, resort property, processing plant or construction site and I swear, you will think you made a left turn into Mexico.

I feel sorry that Mexicans have to flee there corrupt and uncaring country for the benefits of our own corrupt uncaring country, but I wish they would have done it the legal way, so the influx of Mexican culture would have been a little slower, and we could all have taken our time to adjust to our new lifestyle of MexiAmerica.

Bob Sabatino