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Deepest thanks and appreciation

By Staff | Jul 14, 2010

To the editor,


Last week, CROW was contacted by the U.S. Coast Guard Command in Miami to assist with the transfer of 46 injured pelicans being flown from Louisiana to Fort Lauderdale. Once that Coast Guard flight landed, the birds needed to be brought to the Pelican Harbor Rescue Center in Miami for rehabilitative care.

Due to their stressed condition, the pelicans needed to be transported in temperature controlled trucks and the Coast Guard was having difficulty in coordinating the specialized transport needed to get these patients to their destination in Miami.


CROW contacted our friends and supporters at RLR Investments and they immediately made arrangements to have that specialized transport in place in less than three hours!

All of us at CROW would like to extend our deepest thanks and our appreciation for all that RLR Investments has done to help save these special lives. They have also been involved in helping others during the oil catastrophe to help move medical supplies and other items needed to facilitate rescue and rehabilitation of the oiled birds and marine mammals.


On behalf of our board, staff, volunteers and especially on behalf of our patients, I would like to thank RLR Investments for all they do to help CROW save lives through compassion, care and education and for all they are doing to help others save wildlife in this time of need.


Steve Greenstein

Executive Director, CROW