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Keep your heads up

By Staff | Jul 7, 2010

To the editor,

It’s about time the sheriff is placed into check. Mike Scott’s leadership is obviously deteriorating, if it ever existed at all. A smile and a handshake only goes so far.

I commend Sgt. Washer for taking the initiative to look out for his brothers and sisters. The employees of the Sheriff’s Office deserve respect. I firmly believe that a Sheriff’s Office, from an administrator’s point of view, has nothing to fear from a union if the Office is ran without personal agenda, ego-trips or self-interest. A union is a check-and-balance method to ensure fair and consistent treatment for all.

If I were Sheriff, I would welcome the IUPA. I think a union serves the interests of the employees. But again, that’s me. I firmly believe in the protection and preservation of the rights of everyone. Mike Scott doesn’t. He believes in the protection of himself and his interests at the expense of others, especially those of whom he perceives as a threat — like Sgt. Washer. 

To the men and women of the Office — keep your heads up. You are doing a good job!


Lee Bushong

Lehigh Acres