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Tax amnesty program now available

By Staff | Jul 1, 2010

On May 28, the 2010 Florida Legislature signed into law a tax amnesty program, a bill that allows for interest and penalties to be reduced for taxpayers that participate in the program.
As a one time opportunity, eligible taxpayers will be able to settle their liabilities and avoid any criminal ramifications.
Tim Parks from the Lee County Clerk of Courts is urging people to use this opportunity to pay their Lee County Tourist Development Taxes.
According to Lee County Ordinance 07-28, all owners and operators of a transient facility rented for a period of six months or less must collect a 5 percent Tourist Development Tax.
The ordinance classifies a transient facility as a hotel, beach house, condominium, apartment hotel, resort motel, multiple unit structure, rooming house, apartment motel, tourist or trailer camp, mobile home, trailer or single-family dwelling.
“This is giving people an opportunity to pay those taxes with reduced penalties and interest,” Parks said, adding,
Parks said that if people owe the county back tourist development taxes, then chances are they also owe the state.
He said it’s likely they also have the Florida 6 percent sales and use tax liability hanging over their heads.
“If someone has unreported revenue, now is the chance to take care of it and relieve some of the worry,” Parks added.
There is a short window to take advantage of the amnesty program. The program is is in effect for three months, from July 1 through Sept. 30.
For more information, or to see if you’re eligible for the amnesty program, visit leeclerk.org, or call 533-5427. Questions can also be sent via email to TouristTaxAudit@leeclerk.org.