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‘Portable’ backyard pools require a permit

By Staff | Jun 24, 2010

Before you purchase that swimming pool from a big box retail store, be sure and check with the city’s code enforcement division, or you could rack up fines that cost more than the pool itself.
Local retailers are selling the above-ground, easy-to-assemble pools for as little as $250.
Code violations associated with some of those pools could easily hit that mark and above, said Frank Cassidy, from the city’s code enforcement division.
“It might cost more money to permit than the pool is even worth,” he said.
According to Cassidy, any “portable” swimming pools holding more than 24 inches of water are subject to permitting fees.
He added those pools must be grounded and covered, and all access must be limited or protected.
“The ordinance is specific to portable pools … 24 inches in depth or more shall be anchored or closed by a fence,” he said. “All portable pools have to be protected.”
Cassidy said the code compliance division will happily work with people in the community when it comes to pools, or any other permitting issues.
He said code compliance prefers to issues warnings before citations, and encourages the community to get in touch with code compliance if they have any concerns or issues.
“The goal is compliance,” he said. “If they have any questions, just give us a call, especially before they buy one.”
For more information, contact the Cape Coral Code Enforcement office at 574-0613.