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Man reports finding baby on Cape street

By Staff | Jun 24, 2010

A child was found walking in the middle of the road Tuesday night on Nicholas Parkway West, according a police report.
Rigoberto Diaz, of 1621 N.W. First Terrace, told police that he was traveling northbound on Nicholas in the 200 block when he witnessed a vehicle “almost hit a baby,” the report states. Diaz saw the vehicle swerve to miss the boy.
According to the report, Diaz went and grabbed the child. He kept the boy at his truck until the mother came out of a nearby home. The mother told police that she was on the back lanai when she heard the dog barking and saw the door open. She went outside and saw Diaz with her baby.
The police officer noted on the report that the mother “seemed to be very concerned” and did not seem to be “too neglectful.” The officer advised the family to get a child lock for the door. The boy, who was not injured, was returned to his mother.
Diaz, nor the child’s mother, were available for comment Thursday.
The Department of Children and Families was contacted, the report states.