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Web cam installed at the Sanibel Deli

By Staff | Jun 23, 2010

One local deli is giving its guests the choice to see and be seen while they eat.

The Sanibel Deli and Coffee Factory installed a web cam inside the deli several weeks ago.

Jeff Weigel, owner of the Sanibel Deli, said the idea to place a web cam inside the restaurant is just for fun.

“It’s novel,” he said.

Though some folks have voiced concern to Weigel over being able to be seen with people they should – ahem – not be seen with.

But most patrons smile and like the idea of being able to go online and see what’s going on at the Sanibel Deli. Some tell Weigel that they use the web cam as a gauge as to when to get their lunch based on if they see a big crowd inside the eatery.

The web cam is set-up that people can only see what’s happening inside the deli. Weigel said he installed the camera device so that snowbirds and visitors can check out what’s going on in the deli.

To access the web cam go to sanibeldeliwebcam.com.