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Oil companies need to be sensitive

By Staff | Jun 23, 2010

To the editor,


The Gulf oil spill is a case of corporate malfeasance, both the destruction of the well and the aftermath with its attendent liabilities. President Obama and other environmentally conscious leaders are demanding that BP be financially responsible for damage caused by the Gulf oil spill.


What BP messes up, BP needs to clean  up without any delaying maneuvers. The oil giant is responsible for the economic and environmental degradation it has caused.


There have been all sorts of solutions floated around besides capping of the well.  Put an umbrella type device over the remaining leak and capture up to 90% of the oil, returning it to waiting tankers above.


The once-beautiful Louisiana wetlands have been turned into an ecological tragedy. Vegetation, birds and animals, are dying of oil contamination. The water in some areas has been turned into goo and muck.


It is time for BP and the rest of the oil industry to become more sensitive and ecologically-minded — now, rather than later.


The oil spill in the Gulf illustrates how technology, used improperly, can get us into trouble. This environmental wreck is a warning for the future.


Ron Lowe             

Nevada City, Calif.