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Man injured in May traffic accident released from hospital

By Staff | Jun 17, 2010

A North Fort Myers man who was ejected from a truck towing a trailer has been released from a local hospital after more than six weeks.
Mark Smith, 52, of 1146 Travis Ave., had been discharged Thursday from Lee Memorial Hospital, according to hospital officials. Smith was transported to the facility after he sustained life-threatening injuries in a crash May 1.
The driver of the 2004 Dodge truck, which had an attached trailer with lawn equipment, was also injured in the accident, as well as two other passengers.
All three have since been released from the hospital, officials have reported.
According to a report from the Cape Coral Police Department, Smith was ejected from the Dodge after the attached trailer began to fishtail and the driver, Vincent E. Ehrhardt, 24, lost control of the truck at about 2 p.m. on Veterans Memorial Parkway.
Raymond King, 22, of North Fort Myers, was also ejected during the crash. King and Smith, who were not wearing seatbelts, were transported to Lee Memorial Hospital, the traffic crash report states.
Vincent E. Ehrhardt, and Edward R. Ehrhardt, 38, both of 1146 Travis Ave., North Fort Myers, had minor injuries and were taken to Cape Coral Hospital.
Authorities are awaiting blood test results from Vincent E. Ehrhardt to determine if he was impaired during the crash, officials have reported.
According to police, Ehrhardt was driving the truck west on Veterans in the middle lane. Witnesses said the trailer began to fishtail, causing the driver to lose control in the 500 block. The trailer detached, and the Dodge rotated.
The truck and detached trailer entered the median, and the truck continued to rotate as it crossed toward the eastbound lanes of Veterans, police said. As it exited the median, it began to roll. The two rear seat passengers were ejected, and the truck came to rest on its left side south of Veterans.
The lawn equipment detached from the trailer and came to rest in the eastbound lanes of Veterans. The trailer continued to rotate and ended upside down in the middle lane of eastbound Veterans.