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County postpones North Spreader decision

By Staff | Jun 17, 2010

Breeze Staff Report
The Lee County Commission delayed a vote Tuesday on whether to approve a list of projects in lieu of replacing the Ceitus Boat Lift in the North Spreader.
The County Commissioners deferred the vote until Aug. 10. Commissioners are being asked to confirm the board’s acceptance of the list of Net Environmental Benefits, or NEB, projects. According to documents, county staffers recommend that the board approve the NEB project list.
Key components of the NEB are:
– Stormwater treatment improvements
– Living shorelines in lieu of standard seawalls
– Adoption of a fertilizer ordinance comparable to Lee County’s
– Adoption of a reasonable and timely schedule for replacement of septic systems with central sewer
– Septic system maintenance program
– Enhanced monitoring network
A cost share was agreed upon of $1.5 million from the city of Cape Coral, $1.5 million from Lee County and $500,000 from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, with the city covering the remainder if necessary.
The vote was delayed because the final language to the multi-agency agreement is still being tweaked.
Approximately 20 entities have been deemed stakeholders in the process. The city of Cape Coral has not yet scheduled its formal consideration of the agreement.
The stakeholder representative for the city, Councilmember Pete Brandt said the council likely will schedule its consideration sometime after the board returns from its summer hiatus.
Depending on the reception received among the other entities, which include environmental groups, the city’s vote may be moot, though.
“If more than half of the stakeholders turn it down, it may be academic,” Brandt said Wednesday of city consideration.