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Mullins fills vacant panel seat

By Staff | Jun 16, 2010

At the June meeting of the Captiva Community Panel, Captivan Mike Mullins was unanimously voted in to rejoin the panel.

The vacancy was due to the resignation of panel member Ron Gibson on April 30.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mullins gave acting chairperson Rick Hayduk a letter, asking the panel that he be considered to rejoin the panel.

Mullins also noted that when there is a vacancy for 60 days, if it’s not filled within those 60 days, the panel is to appoint at large a person to fill the vacancy.

There was some discussion among panel members and the public as to whether the vote should be postponed so that the matter could be advertised, giving the panel enough time to consider how they should vote.

Panel member Nathalie Pyle expressed her discomfort with voting on an issue that had not been noticed at least two weeks advance.

“I am uncomfortable voting on this without having had it on the agenda. In my opinion, I feel that this could open up the panel to criticism about the way we operate,” Pyle said.

The panel’s bylaws state that “all issues that are brought before the panel shall be set forth in writing and submitted for inclusion in the agenda to the president no less than two calendar weeks before the meeting at which said issues are intended to be considered.”

Rick Hayduk, who was chairing the meeting in Sandy Silverglide’s absence, pointed out the fact that on agenda item during the meeting — an update from the Captiva Erosion Prevention District — evolved into a discussion about preparation for the oil spill, resulting in a motion and, the agenda did in fact list “Nominating committee status.”

“It is on record that the vacant seat would be discussed in some capacity,” Hayduk said.

Panel administrator Ken Gooderham agreed, but said “I was not aware that Mike was going to submit a letter, therefore, I could not include it in the agenda items. It was not advertised or noticed to the other panel members. There really isn’t clear guidance on this. There are some areas where you could be considered pushing the envelope in your roles.”

Mullins then suggested that in the past, a suspension of the rules had been a way to move a topic forward.

“The fact of the matter is, to me, it is clear. You can suspend the rules and make a motion and if it’s later adjudicated differently, then you can reverse it,” Mullins said.

Mullins also said that this would not be the first time the panel has suspended the rules.

Boyle moved to suspend the rules in order to fill the vacancy and the motion carried unanimously.

Rene Miville made a motion to accept Mullins, which also carried unanimously, and Mullins took his seat on the panel.

At the end of 2010, the terms of Pyle and Dave Jensen will expire, leaving two additional vacancies on the panel.