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Give a pint of blood, receive two pints of Queenie’s Ice Cream

By Staff | Jun 14, 2010


Bailey’s General Store, Queenie’s Homemade Ice Cream and the Lee Memorial Blood  Centers are teaming up for a bloodmobile drive on Friday, July 2 from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m.  The bloodmobile will be parked in the Bailey’s General Store parking lot, located at the corner of Periwinkle Way and Tarpon Bay Road.


All blood donors will have their blood pressure and pulse, temperature, iron level, cholesterol level and blood type checked at no cost.  Each donor will receive a blood center gift and two pints of Queenie’s Homemade Ice Cream. 

You may sign up to donate blood at Bailey’s Service Desk or you may call 472-1516 to place your name on the sign up sheet to donate blood. Walk-ins are welcome, too.


Donating blood saves lives. Do you know that your donation of a single pint of blood can help save the lives of several people? Think about it – your donation of blood will be separated into its different components. The platelets may go to a child with leukemia; the plasma to a patient with a clotting problem; and the red blood cells to an accident victim. Blood donations will remain in the Lee Memorial Health System.


Please come out and donate blood on Friday, July 2, receive Queenie’s Homemade Ice Cream and help to save a life.  

If you have questions about donating blood, call one of Lee Memorial’s blood centers – HealthPark Medical Center, 239-432-3604; Cape Coral Hospital,  239-574-5400; or Lee Memorial Hospital, 239-334-5333.