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Teen dances to come to Cape’s Mardi Gras Restaurant

By Staff | Jun 12, 2010

The owners of Leapin’ Lizard want to give Cape teens a place to go and enjoy themselves.
Throughout the month of June, Mardi Gras Restaurant will be transformed into a teen nightclub, where those aged 16 – 20 can dance, eat, and have fun with their friends.
Mary Ann Evans, who owns both Leapin Lizard and Mardi Gras with her husband Jack, said it is important for teens to have a place to hang out.
“For two years now, every time we sit at the CRA (Community Redevelopment Agency) and ask what does the city need? it comes up that there’s nothing for teens to do,” Evans said. “So we decided that when school was out, we’d set aside Monday and Tuesday for a teen dance.”
Open only to that age group for those two days each week, Evans said there will be “themed” dances as the month progresses.
Monday’s inaugural dance will be themed after pop sensation Justin Beiber. Tuesday’s dance will have a “graffiti party” theme, where Evans said teens are encouraged to wear white and bring their markers to tag their friends clothes.
Helen Ramey, public relations manager for the Community Redevelopment Agency, said the city, and the city’s teens, need events like this.
She said the dances will be “age appropriate,” and provide a nice middle ground for teens who are not quite old enough for other venues.
“The dances are age appropriate, no one under 16 and no one over 20, it is a good mix of high school students and college students,” Ramey said. “Basically if you are old enough to drive and not old enough to consume adult beverages, it seems like a great way to socialize, dance, nosh and have a good time”
The cover charge is $6 per person.
Food, including hamburgers, pizza, and pulled pork sandwiches will be available. Smoothies, frozen drinks, and sodas also will be available.
Mary Ann Evans said they will wait and see how successful June’s numbers are before committing to more months.
She said she hopes the teens really support the dances, reaching out to each other via social networks like Facebook.
“That’s what we’re going to do for the month of June … see what kind of turnout we get and see if people support it,” Evans said.
For more information contact Mardi Gras Restaurant at 541-8818.