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Q&A with boat captain Louise Alt

By Staff | Jun 10, 2010

Captain Louise Alt is a tour boat captain with WaterWoman Adventures. Alt grew up in the area and delights in sharing the islands natural beauty with visitors and residents. She is joined by her canine first mate Darla.

Where did you grow up?

South Fort Myers, on Whiskey Creek.

What brought you to the islands?

I’m recreating my childhood.

What do you appreciate most about island living?

The pace of island life and water, water, everywhere.

What do you consider to be a challenge for the islands?

Protecting the water quality.

We hear you are a boat captain and give local tours with your company called WaterWoman Adventures. Can you share what your tours are like? What can a passenger expect from one of your tours?

We can accommodate up to six passengers and have a very comfortable boat with plenty of shade, cushioned seats, an iced-down cooler for beverages and snacks, and lots of toys – shelling and snorkeling equipment, beach toys and games, sunbrellas, and more. We explore islands north of Captiva and can cruise as far as Gasparilla Island to visit the village of Boca Grande. Shelling, snorkeling, beach and water fun are some of the activities our guests enjoy. Dolphin and manatee watching, and wildlife photography are always crowd-pleasers, too. Since this is boating with a woman’s touch, lunch and shopping are often part of the adventure. For more information, call 239-410-0064.

We also hear you have interesting partner for a first mate. Who is this mystery first mate?

My canine companion, Darla Rae, an adorable little blonde cocker spaniel who makes sure that everyone is having a great time.

How did you get into boating?

My grandfather gave my four younger sisters and I a large canoe when I was 11-years-old and we spent all of our free time on Whiskey Creek for many years. My father and mother also spent several years boat camping and water adventuring from the Caloosahatchee to Cayo Costa with my sisters and I.

What do you enjoy most about being out on the water?

The exhilaration of being surrounded by such incredible natural beauty.

What do you recommend as a fun local day trip for residents and visitors?

We are essentially a water limousine and like to treat our guests to the activities they most enjoy as well as the possibility of seeing and experiencing new and exciting things.

What is your most rewarding moment as a boat captain?

At the end of virtually every tour, when our guests exclaim that this adventure was the highlight of their vacation, or the best water adventure they ever experienced.

What is the advantage of taking a tour of the islands by boat?

To see the islands by boat is looking at the other half of the diamond of paradise.

Do you have a favorite place to go by boat?

On good water visibility days, the reef just off North Captiva, with its fantastic array of marine plants and animals. Otherwise, it is secluded beaches with Bahamian blue water.

Any advice for someone with an adventurous spirit who like to become a tour boat captain?

Do what you love and love what you do. Competence and confidence are also key elements to be successful along with a desire to share the love of this paradise with others.

What do you consider your greatest joy of being a captain on the sea?

The feeling of freedom and the love of life!