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Forever grateful to SFRD

By Staff | Jun 9, 2010

Dear Sanibel Firefighters,

I am writing to express my deep gratitude for your assistance to my husband and me in early May.

My husband had fought a hard battle with mesothelioma for nearly three years, with much treatment, becoming very debilitated towards the end.

When he was unable to manage the strairs at our island home, the firefighters answered our call for help to carry him down the stairs for his last two doctor appointments, and then to get us to the car for the trip to the airport to fly to our summer home in Maine.

It had been his goal to make it back to Maine, and he did, though the trip was very difficult. Within a week of our arrival in Miane, he was hospitalized and then died. Thank goodness he was able to make it back here.

The firefighters who came to our assistance were gracious and compassionate, even kidding with him, as I’m sure they recognize how very difficult it was for a man had had been so active and in control to have to ask for such help. I was overwhelmed by their caring and will be forever grateful.

What a gift to the community, to know that we can count on such professionals to call in our need and will be met with such kindness. I will be forever grateful.

Carol Gestwicki