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Captiva Community Panel to meet June 15

By Staff | Jun 9, 2010

Typically held on the second Tuesday of the month, the Captiva Community Panel rescheduled their June meeting for June 15, the third Tuesday of the month, to comply with a 60-day waiting period necessary to approve an amendment to the panel’s bylaws that was proposed during the April meeting.

At the April 13 meeting of the panel, panel administrator Ken Gooderham and his wife Kate Gooderham addressed the panel about authoring an electronic survey about the changes to the land development code to send out to the community.

The Gooderhams suggested mailing out a post card informing residents about an online survey based on the changes, but also providing a paper version of the survey for residents who can’t use or don’t have computers.

A survey is required by the panel’s bylaws, but no provision for electronic surveying is made therein.

The Gooderhams suggested that the panel alter their bylaws to include electronic surveying as an additional method for surveying the public, and a motion was made and carried to alter the bylaws to include language that allowed for electronic surveying.

To comply with the panel’s existing bylaws, the panel has to wait 60 days to actually vote on the new amendment, so the June meeting was rescheduled for June 15. However, because there will not be enough panel members attending the June meeting to make the two-thirds approval required by the bylaws, the voting process on the proposed amendment will likely be pushed to July.

The panel also plans to reiterate and discuss actions taken during the May 11 panel meeting regarding a rule that says rental properties cannot rent for a period of fewer than seven days.

After some back and forth discussion at the May meeting about the fact that the seven-day rule is included in the County definition of rental, it was moved, seconded and passed that reiteration of the seven-day limitation for Captiva was unnecessary — particularly because enforcement is difficult and daily rentals are infrequent on Captiva.

The panel is also planning to invite Lee County planning director Paul O’Connor and planner Kathie Ebaugh to a future panel meeting for further discussion, and will discuss details at the June meeting.

Also on the agenda are updates from the Captiva Erosion Prevention District, and the Hurricane Preparedness & Response Committee.

Committee reports about financials, water quality and fundraising will follow as necessary.

For more information about the Captiva Community Panel and to view drafts of the land development code, visit www.CaptivaCommunityPanel.com.