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Big things ahead for Kay Casperson Lifestyle Spa and Boutique

By Staff | Jun 3, 2010

From left to right are spa owner Kay Casperson, Sherri Kropp (specializes in facials, nails and body treatments), Alice Wong (facials and body treatments), Kim Harris (guest services) and Tiffany Wood (massage and body work).

The Kay Casperson Lifestyle Spa and Boutique opened in Chadwick’s Square just five months ago, and according to owner Kay Casperson, business has never been better.

Though the grand opening celebration wasn’t held until April, the Kay Casperson Lifestyle Spa and Boutique has been open since late December, catering to island residents and visitors, South Seas Island Resort Guests and lots of bridal parties.

“The past five months have been amazing. We had to get started through a really busy season. But by the end of the year, I think we’ll have a really good handle on what we need to do for next year,” Casperson said.

In addition to selling Casperson’s line of Beauty Inside Out skincare products — which she designed herself — the spa offers everything from manicures to massages, services performed by the spa’s team of lifestyle consultants.

“We have a fabulous team that loves working together, has great energy and they love their new home here at Chadwick’s Square. We feel that the energy down here is fabulous and being associated with South Seas Island Resort is great. We’re all working together,” Casperson said.

Tiffany Wood, right, shows Casperson’s line of cosmetics to Alice Wong.

Casperson’s crew of professionals are also cross-trained in many different areas and she says she always encourages members of her staff to branch out and improve their repertoire of skills.

“This summer we’re bringing in a reflexologist to train everybody, so we’ll be able to incorporate reflexology into our pedicures, massages and facials. It’s a whole new element. I want to do these kinds of things for the staff to enhance and continue their education,” Casperson said.

But it’s not just the staff that’s branching out — the spa will be taking on a new mission to bring Casperson’s lifestyle philosophy to the islands.

“What I plan to do — to put even more icing on the cake — is to incorporate fun wellness programs, like beauty bootcamps and educational wellness classes. We’re going to bring in guests and authors and we’re going to have seminars and really try to utilize the whole Beauty Inside Out philosophy,” she said.

While Casperson treats her staff — and clients — like members of a big family, she also cares for the community that has welcomed her with open arms. To give back to the island, Casperson has several special promotions coming up — including major discounts and free service giveaways for Sanibel School teachers and island employees.

Kim Harris behind the front desk of the Kay Casperson Spa and Lifestyle Boutique.

“We want to support the community and we want them to know that we’re here to take care of them as well. These are people that take care of everyone else, so we want to be able to tell them to come in, relax and pamper themselves.”

The boutique part of Casperson’s business will also be introducing new products over the coming months, including spa apparel, bags and accessories, candles, 15 new colors of eyeshadow, eye pencils and a peptide lip gloss that contains actual diamond dust.

Casperson is also planning to take her spa online with Facebook, Twitter and e-mail blasts featuring new products and services. She’s also working on an idea for a national talk show, inspired by her “Beauty Inside Out” philosophy.

A short statement that’s painted on the wall of the spa sums up Casperson’s take on what it takes to be beautiful:

“Finding real beauty takes more than a few cosmetics and skin care products. True beauty shines from within. Discover what it means to be truly beautiful — from the inside out.”

Sherri Kropp arranges items from Casperson’s line of skin care products.

The Kay Casperson Lifestyle Spa and Boutique is located in Chadwick’s Square, 14830 Captiva Drive.

To make an appointment or to get more information, call 579-1470 or visit www.KayCasperson.com.