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Sanibel Grill Rec’N’Crew plays a very spellbinding evening on the diamond

By Staff | Jun 2, 2010

The Sanibel Grill Rec 'N' Crew, champions of the Sanibel Spring Softball League Tournament.

It was a night of enchantment at the Sanibel Ball Fields last Wednesday in the Sanibel Softball Spring 2010 Tournament. There were four teams, three games and only one Golden Snitch.

If the Sanibel Softball Tournament were to be portrayed in the world of Harry Potter, it probably would have looked something like this…

Game 1: Aztec Plumbing Warriors vs. Sanctuary Island Electric

The Aztec Plumbing Warriors shined up their Nimbus 2000’s prior to challenging Sanctuary Island Electric to a wizard’s dual. It was time to separate the Men from the Muggles.


Sanctuary Island Electric finished second in the Spring Softball League tourney.

Sparks of lightning and fireballs filled the sky during the contest. Four different lead changes occurred until Sanctuary Electric star Joey Gill hit a real Bludger into the outfield and brought in three runs late in the 5th inning. Aztec Plumbing couldn’t mount a griffon, er, comeback despite trying to Weasley in a few more runs. Final score: Sanctuary Island Electric 15, Aztec Plumbing 11.


“Expelliarmus!” cried Hayes as he waved goodbye to his defeated opponent.

Game 2: Great White Grill vs. Sanibel Grill Rec’N’Crew


Is it Hermoine Grainger and Ginney Weasley? No, it's even better — Kayla Schuneman and Tracy Brunner.

Before the game, the Great White Grill thought they found the Chamber of Secrets to defeat the number one seeded Sanibel Grill Rec’N’Crew.

“We’re going to give them a real Whomping Willow,” said Great White’s Gary Greenplate.


But the Rec’N’Crew countered the Great White’s hocus pocus with some magic of their own. Digging through their Sorting Hat of plans, they came up with the perfect strategy — to keep hitting to the outfielders who were looking a little Hagrid.


By the end of the seventh inning, Crew was dominating 11-5. Great White had bases loaded with two outs. Up to bat sauntered Captain Ramsey to champion his team in a dramatic late game rally. But alas, he hit a Hufflepuff infield pop up to end the game.

With melancholy, the Great White sipped on pints of Polypotion Juice to ease the pain of the loss. Final score: Crew 11, Great White 5.

Championship Game: Sanctuary Island Electric vs. Sanibel Grill Rec’N’Crew

As dawn was breaking on the far side of the world, the championship game of the Spring 2010 Softball Tournament began. All of the players looked like they had been run over by the Hogwart’s Express as they stumbled in the exhaustion of a doubleheader.

The Sanibel Grill took an early 11-0 lead. They were wizards with the baseball bat and in the field. They seemed to fly on broomsticks.

But Sanctuary Electric still had a few tricks up their sleeves and narrowed the score to 11-9 by the sixth inning.

The Rec’N’Crew would not be denied, though. They had been searching for the elusive Golden Snitch for three years now. They brandished their wands and Slytherin’d another seven runs to clinch the championship.

Final score: Sanibel Grill Rec’N’Crew 18, Sanctuary Electric 9.

“I feel like I won the Quidditch Cup!” said Crew Captain Luke Sweeney.


The next Sanibel Softball League will begin sometime in late September or early October. Interested parties should keep their eyes on the Sanibel Recreation Center’s weekly news.

In the meantime, there will be pick-up softball nights on Wednesday nights beginning at 6:15 p.m. for the duration of the summer. For more information, contact the Sanibel Recreation Center at 472-0345.