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Cape Harbour Farmers Market opens Saturday

By Staff | May 25, 2010

Cape Harbour is kicking off its farmers market this weekend, offering locally grown produce and other interesting items for sale.
Entering its third year, the market offers shoppers a chance to experience the splendor of fresh produce through summer and into the fall.
“It’s just amazing,” Glenda Swager of Realmark said of the farmers market. “There’s this great variety of color, and everyone is so upbeat and excited.”
Seventeen vendors are committed to the farmers market.
Swager said they will be selling locally grown produce, honey and seafood. Freshly made breads, pastries, jelly, peanut butter will also be sold, along with hand-made soaps and beautiful orchids.
Swager said Realmark and Cape Harbour worked in conjunction with the Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce to attract vendors, even using some of the same vendors that frequent the chamber’s winter farmers market.
Swager added that Will Stout, Cape Harbour developer, always wanted a farmers market to be part of Cape Harbour. She added that all vendors operate free of charge.
“Mr. Stout has always wanted life and people bring life,” Swager said. “He always wanted a farmers market and he loves bringing more people to Cape Harbour to see what we have to offer.”
Free and open to the public, the market begins this Saturday and continues every Saturday through October, though Swager said they did not have an exact final date as of yet.
For more information, call Cape Harbour at 945-6116, or visit the website at www.capeharbour.com.