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Council to consider Sans Souci plans

By Staff | May 22, 2010

City council will decide on Monday the fate of the proposed Sans Souci development in northwest Cape.
Sans Souci spokesman Chris Spiro said his client, developer Michael Kerner and IAK Florida Builders, has agreed to the eight conditions imposed by planning and zoning commission, and “conditionally” agreed to conditions imposed by Councilmember Chris Chulakes-Leetz.
He said that he hopes council will make its decision based on what’s best for the entire city. The project has drawn the ire of residents in the area, and from the Northwest Neighborhood Association.
“I think we have to ask the council to remember they represent everyone in the city and not just a few select individuals,” Spiro said.
Spiro said the project’s advantages –100 to 600 jobs a day over the project’s 10-year life span, $8 million in impact fees, an influx of hundreds of millions of new dollars into the local economy, among others — is too good to pass up.
He also cited Cape Harbour and Tarpon Point as examples of how successful San Souci could be.
Councilmember Kevin McGrail, whose district will house the development, said he would not take a position until Monday’s council meeting.
He said he’s having the developer, Michael Kerner, available at his Saturday town hall.
He said he plans on taking a straw poll about Sans Souci on Saturday. So far, McGrail said he’s heard arguments on both sides.
“I have a split,” McGrail said. “I have e-mails from people who really feel it should be built, and others who think its the worst idea on the planet.”
City council meets at 4:30 pm Monday, at city hall.