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Painter turns homes into works of art

By Staff | May 20, 2010

Lance Koprowski of Sanibel Faux and John Grey Painting creates murals for island homes.

Lance Koprowski used to get in trouble with teachers for doodling during


Now his artistic inclinations have painted him a bright future compared to

his earlier life which was filled with reprimands and admonishments.

Koprowski is a decorative and interior art painter for Sanibel Faux and John

Lance Koprowski of Sanibel Faux and John Grey Painting created this abstract for his wife Rachele after seeing a similar piece on a trip to Costa Rica.

Grey Painting on Sanibel.

Be it with paint, Phoenician plaster or powdered marble, Koprowski

transforms blank spaces or bland walls into works of art. He also creates

outside wall murals for patios and lanais that are resistant to the


Lance Koprowski of Sanibel Faux and John Grey Painting created several murals for the studio to showcase his style of work.

Koprowski prefers to create abstract pieces on large canvasses. He works

with many different oils, outdoor paints and a type of clay used by Native


He joined John Grey over a year ago and maintains a busy schedule of

creating unique wall paintings for high-profile clients, remodeling

interiors and participating in local art events.

He recently participated in the BIG ARTS Studio Tour. Guests who signed up

for the tour had a chance to see some of Koprowski’s canvasses — many

notable for their  bold strokes and unabashed color — in addition to the

work he has on display in the store .

Driven and inspired to create, the soft-spoken artist, sees every new

project as a sort of adventure. “It’s a job that I love doing,” he said.

“It’s just a nice release.”

At 38, Koprowski has been a painter for 20 years. He got his start in

California when he was asked by an interior design firm to work for them

while still a student at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

(FIDM). He moved to Cape Coral in 2002 and has been working on commission

pieces as well as doing interior work the entire time he has been in

Southwest Florida.

Though Koprowski’s portfolio contains work he has done for celebrity clients

Mark McGuire, Chris Mullen and Hardy Nickerson and John Madden, one would

never know he has been an artist to the stars by his laid-back, gentle

spirited demeanor.

To paint an image of Koprowksi, picture a tall, lanky man sporting a

comfortable T-shirt pulling up on a hand-built black and coral Harley

Davidson. He delights in making people happy with his art as well as doting

on his wife, Rachele, and their children, Gianna,10, Rocco, 8, and Kiley

Jean, 5.

Whe he’s working, the interior artist spends time getting to know his

clients and their vision for their home… And right now that vision seems to

be nestled very closely between a need for change along with the desire to

keep costs down in a still rocky economy.

Koprowski said many local folks are choosing to enhance what they already

have instead of redoing their entire home. For instance, he helped one

client create a new look in her island home by repainting a chandelier and

sprucing up the cabinets.

Carol Schapiro, the office manager for Sanibel Air Conditioning and

Sanctuary Island Electric, said she hired John Grey to put a faux finish on

a guest bathroom in the home she recently bought in Fort Myers. Koprowski

incorporated the faux finish with the bathroom’s later model tiling. “It’s

wonderful,” Schapiro said. “It’s absolutely beautiful. He’s an absolutely

talented young man about his craft.”

And, for those who like to learn how to do some interior painting and add

fine arts touches in their homes, John Grey is getting ready to start

classes. In conjunction with BIG ARTS, John Grey Painting will offer classes

in faux painting among others. “I can show them how to make it [home

project] turn out the way they want it,” Koprowski said.

To learn more about Koprowski and his work, check out John Grey’s website at