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2030 CRA Vision Plan: Zyscovich Team to give initial observations report to CRA on May 18

By Staff | May 17, 2010

Bernard Zyscovich and his team from Zyscovich Architects and Lambert Advisory will present their initial observations for for the CRA’s 2030 Vision Plan to the CRA Board at its regular meeting at the CRA offices at 5:30 p.m.
The Zyscovich team has just begun the background research for the plan.
The planning effort is designed to build upon the previous work of the CRA and to create a series of realistic goals for the Community Redevelopment Agency, in addition to proposing options to achieve those goals over the next 20 years, according to CRA officials. The vision plan will establish a “roadmap” for short- and long-term redevelopment to reinvigorate the CRA and stimulate positive change.
This initial presentation to the CRA Board will provide a professional analysis of the existing conditions in the CRA. This includes a review of previous planning documents; an existing conditions analysis based on information communicated by the CRA and various stakeholders, GIS data, and field observations. The team also will discuss initial observations about both potential opportunities and present a preliminary economic analysis that will also address selected regional issues. The purpose of this initial presentation to the CRA Board is to present efforts to date and provide the board with an opportunity to discuss as a group their own observations and concerns as well as their own reactions to the presented information, officials said.

Source: Community Redevelopment Agency