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Keep a vigilant eye out

By Staff | May 12, 2010

To the editor,

One of the things I learned during my time with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office — whether as a patrolman, a detective, a sergeant, or a lieutenant — is that one cannot judge a book by a cover.

And, if something seems wrong, it probably is.

When I learned of the recent failed bombing attack near Times Square in New York City, it reminded me that terrorism is alive and well within our shores. You can bet that it is right here in Lee County as well.

In fact, while in charge of the Intelligence Unit, I oversaw a number of investigations regarding terrorist-listed persons that live right here in Lee County.

Why do I tell you this? Because as you drive your kids to school, go to church or take your family to the restaurant, keep a vigilant eye out. If something seems wrong, call the Lee County Sheriff’s Office at 239-477-1000 (or your local law enforcement agency). Report suspicious activity. Do not approach or confront anyone, but be observant. Take that suspicious car’s tag number down or remember that suspicious person’s description and report it to law enforcement.

It’s we that will prevent some radical, copycat, or wanna-be from trying to hurt those that live right here. It is our responsibility to watch and help one another. Do your part — make that report if your instincts tell you to.

Gob bless, and be safe.

Lee Bushong

Lehigh Acres