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POETIC LICENSE: Poem in your pocket day

By Staff | May 7, 2010

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On April First I wrote a poem


For “Poem in Your Pocket Day,”


Folded  it oh so neatly


Then tucked the poem away


In the right side “secret” pocket


Of the shorts I wore that day.



Today is April 29


And much to my dismay,


I cannot find the special poem


I wrote for Pocket Day.


I turn the pockets inside out


Of all the shorts I own,


Find tissues, stubs and wrappers


But nothing like a poem;


A receipt from a happy hour


Not spent in driving home,


Pennies and dimes and nickels —


Still nowhere is the poem.




And so at the Pocket Open Mic,


It’s Sandburg and Millay:


“ Fog” and “First Fig” prevailing


On Poem in Your Pocket Day,


Then, as I undress this evening,


I find safely tucked away —


The laundered remains of the Pocket Poem


In the shorts I wore today!