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Get ready to juggle fun at BIG ARTS Family Day

By Staff | Apr 30, 2010

Winning a prize for guessing the number of animal crackers in a jar - complements of Pinocchio’s Ice cream - will be part of the fun and games during Family Day at BIG ARTS on Sunday, May 2. Clara and Madelyn Seymar, visiting from Brattleboro, Vermont, hold up the prize that will go to the animal cracker winner. Pinocchio’s Ice Cream co-owner, Stephanie St. Johnston shows the jar containing the cookies.

A petting zoo consisting of musical instruments.

A man who is daring and talented enough to juggle a running electric carving knife.

Nope it’s not an introduction to a new block buster adventure – but close.

An adventure in own right, BIG ARTS annual Family Day is once again upon the community.

The annual free event slated for Sunday, May 2 is a day for everyone of all ages to come out with their families and enjoy a day of art, music, food and world-class entertainment.

BIG ARTS 5th Annual Family Day begins at 3:30 p.m. The day includes juggling, comedy, theater, art, and music.

World champion juggler and comedian Mark Nizer will highlight the day.

Nizer who has been juggling for 30 years will take Family Day visitors on a wild adventure as he hurls odd and often dangerous items such as running electric carving knives and a 16-pound bowling ball through the air and catches them.

But that’s not it.

Viewers will be able to participate vicariously by donning a special pair of 3D glasses during his act. The glasses will convert colors to different dimensions, Nizer said.

This will be the first live 3D show.

“It’s going to be awesome,” he said via a telephone interview.

Since winning the International Juggling Championships, Nizer has taken his one-man show with original comedy, world-class juggling, music, and technology all over the world. Whether it’s five ping pong balls being thrown 20 feet in the air using only his mouth or juggling a running electric carving knife, and a 16-pound bowling ball, one never knows what to expect, according to a press report.

“I like family events,” Nizer said. “I like to get everybody involved. I like sort of entertaining at different levels.”

Nizer got into the entertainment business under the wing of Bob Hope. He has since taken his show all around the world including a U.S. Embassy appointed trip to Zimbabwe.

“I’ve been everywhere,” he said. “I have exceeded my expectations.”

Aside from Nizer’s headline act, attendees will be able to to enjoy an instrument “petting zoo” with the Southwest Florida Symphony, and a performance by the Sanibel School Steel Drum Band, according to a press report.

The afternoon will also include the visual arts opening reception for Open Doors: Great Expectations XV. The student exhibit in Phillips Gallery runs through May 21 and is sponsored by Visual Arts Patron Season Sponsors June Rosner and Russ Bilgore.

Lee Harder, the Executive Director of BIG ARTS, said she is expecting a great turnout for this year’s Family Day.

The day has been set aside to bring families together and say thanks for supporting BIG ARTS during the season.

“It has grown every year,” Harder said. “We hope that the trend continues.”

Funded through donations to the Alliance for the Arts, Open Doors: Great Expectations XV Exhibit is open Friday, April 30 through Friday, May 21 in Founders Gallery, according to a press report.

BIG ARTS Family Day is sponsored by the L.A.T. Foundation. Student Exhibit is sponsored by Visual Arts Patron Season Sponsors June Rosner and Russ Bilgore. Open Doors Exhibit is supported by Visual Arts Season Sponsors Deborah and John La Gorce.

For more information, call 395-0900.