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BITS & BYTES: What kind of ‘book’ do you read?

By Staff | Apr 29, 2010

Kids born 20 years in the future may give their parents looks of amazement when they find that people used to read books consisting of bound pages. They may find it even more surprising that each book was a separate item. The future is starting now with e-book readers.

E-book readers combine the joy of reading with incredible convenience. Convenience is realized through improved portability, instant access to material, and more comfortable ergonomics. E-book readers are small devices that display electronic versions of books previously only available as print or audio products. These readers use screens that are more similar to paper and less like the monitors of your computer.

The displays of most modern e-book readers use electrophoretic technology that, when implemented well, creates an image that can be indistinguishable from a printed page. In addition, the newest e-book readers can operate completely independently of a computer and do not require any computer software to be installed.

One of the most apparent advantages of e-book readers is improved portability. It is easily possible to store hundreds of books on one device. When traveling, one only needs to pack one small, lightweight device that weighs less than a paperback, has a page the same size as the paperback, and is only about an inch thick. When you finish one book, simply move on to the next.

Getting new books is a cinch! One e-book reader now has a cellular radio built in and comes with cellular service. When you want a new book, simply press a button and about 100,000 books are at your fingertips, without having to go to a computer or a bookstore. Purchasing a book is simply a matter of selecting it and then waiting two minutes for it to download directly to the e-book reader. Newspapers, magazines and other publications are also available from most e-book readers.

E-book readers are also aimed to improve the comfort of reading. If the text of the book is too small, simply press the enlarge button to increase the font size. If you would like more text on a page, simply press the reduce button. Books can easily be held with one hand without having to think about holding the pages flat and you can even highlight sections for future reference and take notes that can be recalled whenever you want them.

E-book readers are fun, convenient and comfortable. The price of an e-book is generally the same as the price for their paperback counterpart. The electronic version has exactly the same content as its print counterpart and provides a selection of various publishers and versions.

Try an e-book with an electrophoretic display today and you may never go back to paper!

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