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Lily & Co. sponsors Mother’s Day essay contest in support of school

By Staff | Apr 28, 2010

Barbara Von Harten, center, principal at The Sanibel School, sits with Lily & Co. Jewelers co-owners Karen Bell and Dan Schuyler, along with the business' mascot, Lily. The group displayed the "I Love You 7 Days A Week" bracelet as well as some early essay contest entries.

With the assistance of a pen, a piece of paper and a little creative expression, some lucky youngster from The Sanibel School could give his or her mother a very memorable keepsake on May 9th.

This past week, Lily & Co. Jewelers announced a contest where students could, to quote business co-owner Dan Schuyler, “Win a gift that’s just write for mom.”

In 100 words or less, children are invited to submit an essay – or create a piece of original artwork – following the theme of why their mother deserves to win an “I Love You 7 Days A Week” bracelet, a stunning seven bangle sterling silver bracelet designed by Charles Krypell Jewelers of New York and provided by Lily & Co., located at 520 Tarpon Bay Road.

“We came up with the idea for this promotion in early March,” recalled Schuyler. “Charles (Krypell) told me that he loved our ‘Save The Males’ Valentine’s promotion and he wanted to be included in our next one. Since Mother’s Day was coming up, we kind of brainstormed a few ideas.”

In addition to giving away the beautiful bracelet, Lily & Co. announced that for every contest entry they receive before Friday, May 7, they will donate $5 to The Sanibel School.

One of the Mother's Day entries, submitted by Caroline, came with this drawing of a mom. daughter, four dogs and a cat.

“We’ve done a lot of promotions that involve the community, but I don’t think we ever did anything that included the children of Sanibel,” Schuyler said. “We were trying to come up with some way of raising money for the school, and then (co-owner) Karen Bell and I came up with donating $5 for every entry into the contest.”

Already before the essay promotion was announced via Lily & Co.’s latest advertising campaign, students from The Sanibel School began work on their essays and artwork, submitting a short stack of approximately 30 entries on Friday afternoon.

Lander, a third grader at the school, submitted the following essay:

“My mom deserves the bracelet because she tucks me in at night and reads me books and plays with me and tells me what to do when I’m bored and she cares about me more than anything. My mom deserves the bracelet. I think I could go on and on about my mom. The end.”

A classmate named Sophia submitted the following entry:

Meagan, a third grader at The Sanibel School, created a very colorful entry for her essay.

“My mom deserves that special bracelet because she is the sweetest mom ever. She wakes up earlier than I do, when I get up for school to make me breakfast. I don’t have a gift for her. She is very generous and kind. If you met her you would know why she deserves that bracelet. If she read this she would have tears in her eyes.”

Barbara Von Harten, principal of the National Blue Ribbon Award-winning school, was excited to hear about the promotion as well as the money being donated with each entry.

“I really do appreciate having a new business partner involved with The Sanibel School,” she said. “This is a fun event where all of our students – kindergarteners through eighth graders – can participate. It’s a great idea and it encourages writing at all levels.”

Carson, obviously a sports fan, wrote the following about his mother:

“My mom should win the bracelet because she is very nice. On my sixth birthday she brought me to Fenway Park (home of the Boston Red Sox) when Kevin Youkilis hit his first grand slam. On April 21, 2010 J.D. Drew hit a grand slam. She gives me toys, food and clothes. She brings me to the movies, Boston, my cousin’s house and my friend’s house. And she is the one who invites my friends to my house too. My mom is nicer than you think. Once she let me stay up till 11 p.m. listening to a jukebox. She’s awesome!”

A student named Kathryn drew this picture of her mother for the contest.

To submit an entry into the “I Love You 7 Days A Week” essay promotion, students should turn in their essays and/or artwork to their teacher or have their parents stop by Lily & Co. prior to May 7. A winner will be selected in time for Mother’s Day.

For additional information, call 472-2888 or visit www.lilyjewelers.com.

The "I Love You 7 Days A Week" bracelet, created by jewelery designer Charles Krypell.