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Numerous North Fort Myers students on ‘Do The Right Thing’ list

By Staff | Apr 27, 2010

Numerous are the heartwarming stores of local children who have won the Lee Sheriff’s Office “Do The Right Thing Award.”
In the program, humanitarian concern, honesty, integrity, positive decision making and heroism all are recognized. Their deeds can be as simple as a random act of kindness, or more significants steps to make this world a better place.
In North Fort Myers, three schools have had many students honored in this awards program this quarter, including those from Bayshore Elementary, Hancock Creek Elementary and North Fort Myers Academy for the Arts.
Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott, who was born and raised in North Fort Myers, said that he is proud of all of the Lee County kids who won the distinctions, but was particularly proud of the North Fort Myers children.
“I feel deep pride about them. Not only are they learning school lessons, they are learning life lessons as well. In North Fort Myers we have fantastic students, fantastic teachers and parents. It’s a great place to learn,” he said.
Here are the stories of the different students, and the educators who nominated them and told the stories of why the student should receive the award.

Elizabeth Gardner
Fourth grade
Hancock Creek Elementary
The school’s first grade teacher Carol Tucker wrote in her nomination letter that, “Elizabeth is a special friend to one of my first grade students. This fall when that student’s father was sick with cancer, Elizabeth, who is that student’s neighbor, would invite her over to play every day. Often times when the student would visit her bed-ridden dad, Elizabeth would come in the room with her for support. When the student’s father passed away in December, Elizabeth was instrumental in helping her cope with her father’s death by being a wonderful friend and neighbor.”
Her own teacher, Michael Cyr, said, “Elizabeth has a kind heart and when things aren’t right, it bothers her. She’s been trying to make things continuously right for her class and friends.”

Kai Rausin
Sixth grade
North Ft. Myers
Academy for the Arts
The Academy’s Assistant Principal Dr. Donna Schroll wrote the nomination letter. “We are a Kindergarten through Eighth Grade School. Kai is in Sixth Grade and each day rides the school bus from the school in North Fort Myers to his home in Cape Coral. One day a Kindergarten student, who used to live in Kai’s neighborhood, but had since moved, had a mix-up and ended up getting off the bus at an incorrect stop. This was Kai’s stop. When he noticed the little girl and realized no one was picking her up and that she was stranded, he brought her home to his house so his mother could help. Telephone calls ensued and the Kindergarten girl was finally returned to her grandmother and the bus assignment was corrected.”
From Bayshore Elementary, there were many winners in the two months of this quarter’s awards.

Hannah Robbins
Fifth grade
Bayshore Elementary School
Fifth grade Teacher Gail Hall wrote in the Nomination Letter that, “Hannah noticed another student was having a hard time breathing because of asthma. Hannah came and got my attention, since the student having the medical problem could not. Hannah then assisted her to the school clinic to make sure she got there safely. Later Hannah brought the ill student her book bag, so she could go home with her possessions.”

Jason Kinzel and
Tremaine Robinson
Third Grade
Bayshore Elementary School
The following two students were honored together: Jason Kinzel, who lives in North Fort Myers and Tremaine Robinson, who lives in Fort Myers. They are Third Grade students at Bayshore Elementary School.
Bayshore Elementary School School Counselor Jan Moretti wrote in her nomination letter that, “Upon returning from the School Clinic, Jason and Tremaine noticed a book bag on the floor in the boy’s restroom. They immediately took the book bag to the School Office. The book bag contained many important items, money and other valuable possessions. Because of what Jason and Tremaine did, the student who owned the book bag was able to claim it without anything being taken.”

Bryce Dearstyne
Fifth grade
Bayshore Elementary School
Bayshore’s Assistant Principal Ben Ausman wrote wrote his nomination. “Bryce is always looking for opportunities to help students out. One afternoon, Bryce noticed a Kindergarten student that was crying and having a difficult time before dismissal. Bryce recognized this student from his bus. Bryce decided he had to do something to help this student. He went up to the student and talked to the student. The student initially did not want to get on the bus, but Bryce was able to help him calm down and got him on the bus safely.”

Dawson Kenyon
Second grade
Bayshore Elementary School
Dawson was nominated by second grade Teacher Ann Fuller.
“I wrote that I was nominating Dawson Kenyon for his willingness to reach out and help another student. Dawson has diabetes, and when a younger student was recently diagnosed with diabetes, Dawson took the time to talk with him about his insulin pump and how he handles his diabetes. He regularly stops at the other child’s classroom to take him to the School Clinic for their blood testing. Dawson handles this physical challenge with a great deal of knowledge, confidence and grace. He has made the younger child more comfortable with his diagnosis, as well as less embarrassed and scared. Dawson deserves to be recognized as a caring, unselfish, young man.”

Dylan Stewart
Third grade
Bayshore Elementary School
Third grade teacher Joelle Beverly wrote that, “Dylan Stewart is always doing the right thing. As a matter of fact, he makes good choices and helps others so often that it has become a standard for him. In the beginning of the year, he would walk Kindergarten students to their buses and out to parent pick up, just because it was the right thing to do. He brings in his own personal books to share with the others in class. He consistently offers to help his peers when he is finished with his class work. Last week when the cold snap came, I watched him offer his own warm jacket to a disadvantaged student in our classroom. He did this without being asked, and without knowledge of being watched. It is a joy and a pleasure to spend my days with such a selfless and considerate person. I am incredibly proud of him.
“I want to honor him for those unselfish acts of kindness,” she continued. “I greatly appreciate the opportunity that the Lee County Sheriff’s Office provides. Dylan is a role model, a leader, and a shining example of the amazing children that can be found her at Bayshore Elementary School.”

Nicole Glover
Second grade
Bayshore Elementary School
Nicole was also nominated by Fassold.
“I am nominating Nicole Glover for her willingness to reach out and help animals in need. This year for Nicole’s birthday party, she is having a veterinary-themed party. With this theme in mind, Nicole decided to request donations of animal food and supplies in lieu of regular gifts.
“This is an amazing request for a seven year old. Instead of asking for the newest toys, Nicole would rather help those animals that can not help themselves. Her plan is to have the party at her house, receive the donations for the animals and deliver them to the Animal Refuge Center. This lack of selfishness is exceptional. Nicole is showing her friends how to giving people. Nicole has a very big heart and should be rewarded for being such a leader. She is a role model to the other students in our class and I hope that Nicole will be recognized for the warm, caring young lady she is becoming.”

Jake and Peyton McGovern
Second grade
Bayshore Elementary School
Kayla McGovern
Sixth grade
Oak Hammock Middle School
The following three students were honored together: Jake McGovern, Peyton McGovern and Kayla McGovern who are siblings residing in North Fort Myers.
Jake and Peyton McGovern are second grade students at Bayshore Elementary School. Kayla McGovern is a sixth grade student at Oak Hammock Middle School.
“I am nominating Jake, Peyton and Kayla McGovern for their care and concern for others following the earthquake in Haiti,” Bayshore’s Fassold wrote in this nomination. “These siblings were very disturbed by the news stories of the earthquake and aftershocks that have shattered the existence of so many Haitians. Jake, Peyton along with their sister Kayla decided to have a bake sale and a lemonade stand to collect donations for the people of Haiti.
“Prior to the event Peyton said that they had a particular fund raising goal in mind, and if they needed to they would have more that one bake sale to reach their goal. The three children are constant role models at home and at school. At home they have the responsibility of helping to care for a new puppy and complete their daily chores. In our classroom Jake and Peyton are consistently offering to help other students and work together to achieve class goals. They never hesitate to help a student who has expressed that they do not understand something. They are outgoing and friendly students. They go out of their way to make new students feel comfortable and included in the class ‘family.’ They obviously make a conscious effort to be gracious and considerate to everyone and it shows on a daily basis. They not only keep their grades up but have wonderful manners.
“Their willingness to reach out and help others has made a great impression on so many. There are numerous children these days that have the ‘what about me’ attitude. In the McGovern Family, they have the ‘what about others’ attitude. They have chosen to try and touch others. I hope that Peyton, Jake and Kayla will have the opportunity to be the ones chosen to be recognized for the warm, caring young people they are becoming.”