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FAC chairman resigns

By Staff | Apr 22, 2010

Financial Advisory Committee Chairman Steve Riggs has resigned his position.
In a letter to city clerk’s office dated April 18, Riggs cited his dissatisfaction with the direction of the current city council as the reason he’s stepping down.
“Resolution 02-08 is the enabling legislation for the existence of the committee, and it provides that the FAC is to provide support for the City council in matters associated with the current financial activities and long range financial matter of the City. Given this stated focus, and the fact that I can no longer support the direction and/or means pursued for this City by the majority of this council and the mayor associated with these matters, I have reluctantly concluded that I can be more productive in serving the City and my community through other opportunities,” Riggs wrote.
Riggs chaired the Financial Advisory Committee during one of the most difficult financial periods in the city’s history.
He served on the committee for five years, having chaired it for one.
He said Wednesday during an interview that he, along with anyone who volunteers their time to a committee, does so because they believe in Cape Coral and want nothing but the best for the city.
During his time as chairman, Riggs said the FAC did a wonderful job of developing a deeper understanding of the city’s various departments.
Stepping down as the FAC chairman will not change Riggs’ focus he said, only shift it from the FAC to the to city’s residents.
“The only change is going to be who my focus is upon,” Riggs said. “It’s moving from the FAC to the residents and the future of this city.”
Mayor John Sullivan could not be reached for comment by press time Wednesday.