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Aztec Plumbing flushed away by Sanctuary Island Electric

By Staff | Apr 13, 2010

Sanctuary Island Electric

Last Thursday night, the Sanctuary Island Electric softball team buried the Aztec Plumbing Warriors into a burial mound with a defensive 8-6 victory.

The Golden Glove Player of the Game was Sanctuary Electric catcher Ray Walker, who single-handedly accounted for a dozen Bailey outs.

“Actually, he accounted for about four outs for our team, too,” commented Sanctuary member Todd Hayes.

Walker’s glove was like a casting net on the field. It seemed there was no where the ball could go to avoid him. After the game, Ray autographed his glove and is putting it up on eBay. He is hoping that with the proceeds he will be able to purchase new softball shoes.

In the other games played last week, All Island Glass finally cracked their five game losing streak with a victory over the Lazy Flamingo, 14-10. The Sanibel Grill Rec’N’Crew covered the Sundial with the shadow of their big hitting in a 28-9 win. And Bailey’s Baggers did a complete price check on Royal Shell in an 18-3 blowout.

The Sanibel Adult Softball League plays every Wednesday and Thursday night at the Sanibel Ball Fields. For more information, contact the Rec Center at 472-0345.