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City OKs contract with Waste Pro

By Staff | Apr 12, 2010

Cape Coral City Council decided to switch waste management services Monday evening, choosing Waste Pro instead of continuing a relationship with Waste Management.
The change will save resident about $1 a month, and Waste Pro will be using a fully automated system to pick up waste and recyclable materials.
The automated system comes with new bins for these materials, a 95-gallon bin for trash, and a 65-gallon bin for recyclables.
For those people who feel the 95-gallon bin is too unwieldy, Waste Pro will offer a 35-gallon bin that’s easier to handle.
Of the six offers received by the city, Waste Pro’s offer was the most attractive. The contract term is for five years at $10,536,146.94 annually.
“We would not be doing our judiciary responsibility to ignore Waste Pro’s offer,” said District 6 Councilmember Kevin McGrail.
City staff said that roughly 36 people would lose their jobs due to the change in service, but a representative from Waste Pro said those who will lose their jobs are welcome to apply, as positions will need to be filled.