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Sunrise service draws crowd

By Staff | Apr 5, 2010

Danny Medina came all the way from Miami to challenge the crowd gathered for the sunrise service at the Yacht Club, delivering what he said was an unexpected message on Easter Sunday.
The minister from the Lighthouse Prayer Room cited the film “The Passion of the Christ”, and the terrible events of 9/11, as moments when people lean on their faith, for inspiration as much as support, but find themselves no longer needing it after those moments pass.
He said the same of Easter Sunday.
“The problem with days like today … it’s like when people went to to see The Passion of the Christ. They said their lives would never be the same, and just a few days, weeks, months later, everything is right back to normal,” Medina said.
Several hundred people gathered to hear Medina speak, welcoming a warm and clear Easter morning during one of the city’s most beloved, and oldest traditions.
Two years ago the sunrise service was hit with cold temperatures, and last year a Saturday rain storm nearly washed out the Sunday service.
But this year, with good weather and hundreds of people sitting in chairs, blankets, at picnic tables, Danny Medina warned all Christian faiths about becoming complacent in their beliefs.
He said that glory is equal to suffering, and that faith is something believers must have always, just not when its convenient.
“I’m daring you to open your hearts as you’ve never have before,” Medina told the crowd. “Stop seeing Christianity in whatever tradition your faith has taught you.”
The sunrise service was hosted by Life in Christ church, formerly Christ the Servant Church of the Brethren.
Life in Christ has been hosting the service for nearly 30 years, and was started by the Reverend Don Shank, also the church’s founding pastor.
Offering collected at the service will be donated to the Cape Coral Caring Center, Lifeline Family Center and the Veteran’s Foundation of Cape Coral.