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South Cape Street Market calls it a season

By Staff | Apr 5, 2010

The South Cape Street Market wrapped up its six month run on Saturday.
Vendors praised the event, especially the hard work of Community Redevelopment Agency’s Helen Ramey.
“The CRA and Helen Ramey and her staff makes it so easy,” said vendor Jan Malono. “I’ve done a lot of shows, and I wish they were all so easy.”
Malono participated in the street market last year, too, selling handcrafted art.
She said she expects to return next year, and that the market is a creative outlets for her, all while making some extra money.
“It’s really nice to have an outlet,” Malono said. “I’ve enjoyed it very much and I’ll definitely be back next year. I’m looking forward to this show again.”
The street market did face weather challenges, including heavy rain and near freezing temperatures this year.
That did little to damper the spirits of Cindy Sly and Dawn Weber, who were participating in the street market for the first time.
Sly and Weber, selling handcrafted show pens among other items, said they were able to make back their six-month booth fee in a single weekend, despite those weekends when weather was an issue.
“We’ve been really successful here,” Sly said. “There’s been no stress.”
A former Cape Coral police officer, Sly said she took the city’s buyout and retired at age 39.
Retirement has allowed her to practice making her handcrafted items.
Like Malono, Sly praised Ramey and the CRA for their hard work and for the market itself, which Sly felt is perfect for the city’s downtown.
The street market has almost become a defacto family, Sly said, as vendors and customers become closer each month.
The street market, too, helped Sly and Weber in getting accepted in this year Festival of Arts, something she said wouldn’t have happened if not for getting the chance to introduce their art, and their wares, and the market.
“I would never have made that step,” Sly said of the Festival of Arts, a juried competition. “This street market has really given us a leg up.”