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Farwell to dedicate piece during CCA spring social

By Staff | Apr 1, 2010

Stella Farwell, creator of “Incoming Tide,” will be donating the piece to the CCA during the organization’s annual spring social on April 7.

At the Captiva Civic Association’s annual spring social, CCA member Stella Farwell will be donating an original piece of artwork to the organization entitled, “Incoming Tide.”

Farwell is donating the piece in hopes of bringing awareness to more people about ovarian cancer, something Farwell has experienced personally.

“I am donating ‘Incoming Tide’ to the Captiva Civic Association [and] in exchange, I ask each of my friends to make ten people aware of ovarian cancer,” Farwell said.

Farwell said that many people don’t know about the disease, and that early detection is key.

Some little known facts about ovarian cancer, also known as the “silent killer,” are:

there is no screening test for the disease

one in 58 women will get ovarian cancer

it’s difficult to diagnose because symptoms are similar to other diseases

if a woman has medical problems that are not being resolved, she should see her OB/GYN and rule out ovarian cancer immediately

Farwell has also developed a catchphrase to keep the threat of ovarian cancer at the forefront of people’s minds, in the hopes that they will spread the word.

“Remember, when you see a blink, think ovarian cancer awareness,” she said, listing things such as eyes, turn signals, planes in flight and caution signals as reminders of the dangerous disease.

The CCA’s spring social will take place on Wednesday, April 7, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Captiva Civic Center, 11550 Chapin Lane.

Attendees are asked to bring their favorite appetizer to share.

For more information about the CCA, call 472-2111.