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Student ‘spring’ artwork on display at Bailey’s through Sunday

By Staff | Mar 31, 2010

Artwork created by kindergarten through third graders from The Sanibel School includes drawings by Maya Brown, McKenna Sprecher, Angelina Durazzo and Kathryn Kortegast.

Twelve lucky Sanibel School students were named winners of the Bailey’s Center Merchants’ Association (BCMA) spring art contest. All students from kindergarten through third grade were invited to draw a picture of spring on Sanibel. More than 150 entries were received.

The winners were:

Kindergarten – Maya Brown, Annabel Crater and Zofia Costa

First Grade – McKenna Sprecher, Tyler Johns and Rebecca Congress

Second Grade – Grace Ireland, Andrew McCallion and Angelina Durazzo

Third Grade – Kathryn Kortegast, Drew Bordiuk and Rachel Michner

All 12 students will receive a prize from the BCMA, and the winning pictures will be displayed through Easter at the front of Bailey’s General Store.

Source: BCMA