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Computer assistance worldwide: Zebis designs new service

By Staff | Mar 30, 2010

On Friday, Zebis announced the introduction of a new service that benefits clients worldwide.

For many years, Zebis has provided computer help and other technology service to its clients throughout the U.S. and when they are traveling to other countries. In order to deliver this service, a “connection” is established between the client and Zebis. Then Zebis works on the computer in the same way they would if they were sitting in the client’s home or office.

To meet the growing demand for consistent and secure service everywhere, Zebis has designed and instituted an entirely new and secure method to provide “remote” support.

With the new method, the connection is made in an instant and it is consistent and strong. The service is also entirely compatible with encrypted connections, which means that the client is able to receive entirely secure and private support: a new feature that is a requirement in today’s environment.

Zebis has always been on the leading edge of companies providing remote computer support. This newly designed and implemented method keeps them there and provides a valuable service to clients worldwide.