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Seminar set to explain proposed land-use changes

By Staff | Mar 26, 2010

People who are looking for answers to their land use questions will have the chance next Tuesday when “Big Boxes and Little Boxes” — a land use change seminar — hits First Baptist Church on Coronado Parkway.
Co-sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, Cape Coral Council for Progress and Cape Coral Women’s Council of Realtors, the seminar is aimed at reaching those who don’t fully understand what the city’s forthcoming land use changes are all about.
Part of that effort will easing people’s fears about the proposed changes.
“One of the biggest misconceptions has been that just because a land use is classified as a commercial activity center, it doesn’t mean that within a year there will be a commercial activity center next door,” said Gloria Tate, Realtor and former city council member.
Tate said she’s received numerous phone calls and e-mails on the subject.
She said there’s enough misconceptions about the subject that the seminar will help to answer questions, one on one, with city staff.
The land use changes are all about planning for the future, she said, and has nothing to do with the empty commercial space the city currently has.
“It’s all about identifying where future commercial space can occur,” Tate said. “And it will protect buyers where those future opportunities occur because they will know beforehand.”
The seminar will run from 5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Derek Burr and Wyatt Daltry from the city’s planning division will be on hand to make presentations and answer questions.
Tate said this will be a great opportunity for residents to have their questions answered directly from the source.
Tate and former Mayor Joe Mazurkiewcz also will make presentations as well as make themselves available to answer questions.
“It’s all about getting the residents to communicate one on one with their questions see how it will impact them,” Tate added.