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Mack: ‘Freedom died today’

By Staff | Mar 22, 2010

WASHINGTON – Congressman Connie Mack (FL-14) decried passage of the Democrats’ health care “reform” plan in the House of Representatives this evening, saying it will bankrupt our country, ration health care, and lead to a loss of freedoms for every American.
Mack said:
“The American people are fed up. We don’t want bureaucrats and politicians making our health care decisions for us. We don’t want higher taxes that will permanently discourage hard-working Americans from saving, investing, and creating new jobs. We don’t want unconstitutional mandates dictating that we must purchase insurance and what form it must take. And we don’t want to force our children and grandchildren to foot the bill for this massive spending. But sadly, our strong concerns have repeatedly been ignored by a Democratic Congress that is all too eager to push its Big Government ideas on an unwilling public.
“Throughout this so-called “process,” President Obama and the Democratic Leadership refused to work in a bipartisan manner and even consider free-market proposals supported by a majority of Americans, such as substantial medical malpractice reform, association health plans, health savings accounts, and tax incentives. The only bipartisan thing about this bill was the opposition to it.
“Today’s vote proves that the Democrats believe in the power of government and not the power of the people. Well, the American people have had enough. The Democrats may have won this vote today through arm-twisting, tricks, and backroom deals, but the American people will have the final word in November.
“Freedom died today, and I fear that the freedoms of the American people will continue to fade if President Obama and the Democrats in Congress continue to expand the size, scope and control of the federal government.”

Source: The office of Congressman Connie Mack