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Civic Association to celebrate 48th year Tuesday

By Staff | Mar 20, 2010

It’s been nearly half a century since the Cape Coral Civic Association was formed, and though their role has changed throughout the years their mission has stayed the same: keeping people informed, aware, and alert about issues in the city.
They’ll be celebrating their 48th year as one of the city’s oldest organizations at their monthly meeting next Tuesday.
There will be cake and coffee and a presentation by City Manager Carl Schwing, but past president Ralph LePera also hopes there will be a lot of faces he hasn’t seen in a while.
“We’re putting the call out to past members,” LePera said. “If we could see as many of our old and former members as possible, that would be great.”
Founded and organized in March 1962, the CCCA had its hand in many of the early landmark moments in Cape Coral.
They pushed for the city to incorporate in 1971, were instrumental in getting the Cape Coral bridge built and played a significant role in the founding of the Cape Coral hospital.
The original board of directors boasted 10 members, as does the current board.
Donald Graf, one of the founding board members, was also the first elected mayor of the city.
Ralph LePera said one of the Civic Association’s original goals was to speak for the people of Cape Coral before the Board of County Commissioners.
When the city incorporated, however, their efforts changed.
“Our purpose right now … ever since there was a change, is to put out accurate information on the issues our city is facing,” LePera added. “We try to do this is a fair and non-partisan way.”
The Civic Association does take positions on city issues like the swimming complex, but they do not back candidates running for office.
They host debates during election season, which often feature some of the more original questions that candidates will have to face.
Now only two years away from celebrating their 50th year of being a centralized hub of information in the city, the CCCA is hoping all of its members, past and present, will come out next week to honor their life so far.
“This is a forum for the people,” LePera said.
The Cape Coral Civic Association will meet Tuesday, March 23, at 7 p.m. at the Yacht Club on Driftwood Parkway.
City Manager Carl Schwing is the featured speaker. He will address city matters such as the NW Spreader Agreement, the Kessler Audit and the swim center, among other topics, civic officials said.
For more information contact the CCCA at CapeCoralCivic@yahoo.