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CRA close to finalizing $209,300 contract for new vision plan

By Staff | Mar 17, 2010

The Community Redevelopment Agency is close to finalizing the contract with Zyscovich Architects, the firm officials hand-picked to design their 2030 vision plan for the district.
Though the contract has yet to be executed, the fee for Zyscovich’s services will run $209,300, and is planned over an eight-month period.
Divided into two separate “tasks,” the vision plan includes “Data Collection and Synthesis” as the first task, and then designing the “vision” as the second task.
“We are, in principle, in agreement in phase one and two of their agreement,” said CRA Vice chairman Jim Martin, who negotiated the agreements terms.
According to agreement, the plan calls for targeting and testing urban design strategies, build out scenarios and conducting economic, retail, market and cultural analysis, among others.
Zyscovich is credited with completely overhauling Miami Beach, acting as the designer, planner, and architect.
His firm’s projects include design and planning projects for New Orleans, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Florida, and Jacksonville.
Bernard Zyscovich is the author of “Getting Real on Urbanism”, and is considered one of the leading urban planners in the nation.
The CRA board plans on holding a special meeting March 30 to finalize the deal. Once the contracts are signed, board members will meet bi-monthly with Zyscovich and his team, as they walk through the process of trying to revitalize the city’s downtown.
“The man truly is a genius,” Martin said of Zyscovich. “Planning is not my strong suit, but I was absolutely blown away by all of this.”
The CRA voted unanimously to support the agreement on Tuesday.