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Allen announces bid for District 4 commission seat

By Staff | Mar 9, 2010

Tony Allen has announced that he will run for Lee County Commission, District 4, the seat that covers the North Fort Myers and a portion of Cape Coral.
“Spending is out of hand for Lee County government,” Allen said of why he chose to run. “If you take what they spent for the ballpark, a biofuel grant and the purchase of the wetlands, they will have spent over $100 million in the last few months.
“Right now they are cutting back wages of Lee County employees, reducing the number of jobs and by 2012, the county will be completely out of reserve money, that’s why I am running.”
According to Allen, it will be he and Tammy Hall at this point running for the seat.
A Republican candidate, his biography indicates he is a Vietnam War veteran, the founding and facilitating organizer of the “Pollution Special” and, as a Jaycee, he developed a concept and organized a commuter bus service where riders paid a nominal fee to leave their car at home and take the bus to work, reducing pollution and saving energy.
He also noted that he is the owner/operator of a Southern California tour agency and bus company. Working with senior citizen groups, city and county park and recreation departments and local businesses, he said his goal is to promote tourism and provide junkets for groups throughout the western United States.
He was also station manager for Beasley Broadcast station AM 770 and a licensed Florida Com-munity Association Manager, who served as past president of Pointe Royale Condominium Association and past general manager of Tara Woods Country Club in North Fort Myers.
If you would like more information, his Web site is TonyFor-District4.com. His campaign headquarters are located at 3780 Downwind Lane in North Fort Myers. He may be reached at 229-8526.