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Extend the shared use path

By Staff | Mar 4, 2010

To the editor,

The recent announcement of the plan to extend the shared use path to Blind Pass/Captiva made me think of a serious safety issue closer to home.

We live in East Rocks and frequently ride our bikes on West Gulf Drive, west of Rabbit Road where there is no bike path and no paved shoulders along the road. Passing cars going too fast and too close pose a definite danger to bikers and walkers.

I believe extension of the path along West Gulf Drive may be in the original shared use path plan and that there may have been some opposition to this in the past. However, safety must be the overriding concern.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that the bike path be extended along West Gulf Drive, or if this is too expensive or controversial, that the shoulders of the road be widened and paved as has been done to San-Cap Road in Captiva.

Gary Dutton