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Royal Shell earns its first softball league victory

By Staff | Mar 1, 2010

Great White Grill

There were a lot of great games in last week’s softball, but the most dramatic showdown was the Sundial versus Royal Shell.

It was a seesaw of a seashell battle up to the very end, with eight lead changes throughout the game. The climactic momentum shift came when Sundial’s veteran player “Granite” Ed Gilroy fell like a rock headfirst into a base and dislocated his shoulder. His injury left a large gap to be filled by Sundial for the remainder of the game.

Royal Shell ruthlessly capitalized on their opponents’ weakness by scoring 10 runs once “Granite” Gilroy left the game. But when time finally expired, the teams were deadlocked 23-23.

One final inning was played to determine the winner. It was Royal Shell captain Jesse Orsino who brandished his bat “Fighting Conch” and drove in the game winning run. Final score: 24-23 Royal Shell.

Another big game this week was the Bailey’s Baggers versus Sanctuary Island Electric. This game was the third highest scoring game in Sanibel Softball history, with a combined total of 51 runs brought in. The highest scoring game was the Great White Grill versus the American Legion back in 2008, with a total of 56 runs scored.

Another unique fact that makes this game a record breaker is that for the first time in their 5,000 year team history that the Bailey’s Baggers won a game when the temperature was below 60 degrees. Needless to say, the team didn’t win many games during the last ice age back in 1,000 B.C. Sam Bailey remembers those games well: “It seems like it was just yesterday. Back in those days, we played games when it was five below out.”

Final score: Bailey’s 26, Sanctuary Island Electric 25

In the other games of the week, the Sanibel Grill Rec N Crew bent the beaks of the Lazy Flamingo in a 21-15 win and the Aztec Plumbing flushed away the Great White Grill with a 22-17 victory.

The Sanibel Adult Softball League plays every Wednesday and Thursday night at the Sanibel Ball Fields. For more information, contact the Sanibel Recreation Center at 472-0345.