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Addressing our concerns

By Staff | Feb 26, 2010

To the editor,

Island homeowners have historically had a difficult time researching the reputations of contractors they are considering for work on their homes. State and local officials are very clear in their warnings that the issuance of a state or local license does not indicate that the contractor is competent or honest. Homeowners must do their own research. We asked the relevant city officials to make this process easier and they have done so.

A homeowner can now go to the Building Department and obtain a list of complaints filed against contractors. Complaints against state and locally licensed contractors are on this list. This information is essential in order for homeowners to make informed decisions about whom to hire.

We would like to thank City Manager Judie Zimomra, City Attorney Ken Cuyler and Chief Building Official Harold Law for listening to and addressing our concerns.

Christopher W. Graham