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History fair exhibits on display at Gulf Middle

By Staff | Feb 22, 2010

Gulf Middle School began exhibiting student work Monday morning for its annual history fair.
Kathy Adams, a media specialist at the school, said there were 53 student projects on display. They began the projects at the beginning of the second quarter last fall and could choose to produce a research paper, history exhibit, video documentary or performance.
Two student groups designed performances to show the way music has changed over time and to explain artificial light. They wrote and performed their own musical numbers for the panel of judges — one showcasing a rap and the other a tune reminiscent of a Broadway show.
“We had two musical ones this year and we don’t always have musical ones,” said Adams. “They actually wrote their own songs.”
This year’s history fair theme hinges on innovation, impact and chance, she said, and they are on display until winners announced during an open house Wednesday night from 6:30-8 p.m.
Some of the exhibits at the school’s media center include a model of Florida’s “Old Sparky” electric chair, a glimpse into NASA’s Apollo 11 mission to the moon, an explanation of innovations in aviation and a history of aspirin, to name a few.
Adams explained that primarily two students from each category can go on to the county competitions in March, yet four group exhibitors and six individual exhibits can also move on.
The county’s middle school competition is March 14 at Dunbar Middle and the high school competition is March 7 at Cypress Lake Middle.