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2 Islands Gallery thrives in new Chadwick’s location

By Staff | Feb 18, 2010

Formerly tucked out of sight at South Seas Island Resort, 2 Islands Gallery has hopped across Chadwick’s Square and settled quite nicely into the shopping plaza.

According to gallery owner Perry Thompson, the artists of 2 Islands Gallery have experienced a tremendous increase in sales thanks to the move.

“In our old location, we were by ourselves,” Thompson said, noting that while the old space was larger, the new space is in a prominent location with lots of potential shoppers passing by.

“We opened Jan. 23. The foot traffic has increased ten fold and the sales match it. Numbers have already exceed my expectations,” Thompson said.

“Even though the space is much smaller, it was a great move. It’s much cozier. When you walk in, it has a friendly feel to it and every single space is covered with artwork” Thompson added.

2 Islands Gallery features the work of artists from all over Southwest Florida.

“We have such a variety of artists in there – weavers, potters, jewelers – it’s not just all painting. It’s a little bit of everything,” Thompson said.

Thompson noted that a slight change has been made in the way the gallery decides what to hang on its walls.

“We noticed on Captiva that the selling out there is different than on Sanibel. We find most people want to buy something small that they can take back with them, so we kind of market our items to what people are looking for,” Thompson said.

Because the bulk of the people that pass through Chadwick’s Square are guests at South Seas Island Resort, 2 Islands is catering to visitors by carrying smaller, more portable works of art, most of which are $200 or less.

The gallery has also extended their hours and are now open from 10 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.

If you would like to know more about 2 Islands Gallery, visit www.2islandsgallery.com or call 472-7633.