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Southwest Florida Symphony announces Pottorf art donation

By Staff | Feb 15, 2010

Captiva resident and world-renowned artist Darryl Pottorf is donating a painting to be auctioned off next month that will benefit The Southwest Florida Symphony.

The Southwest Florida Symphony announced on Friday that world-renowned Captiva artist Darryl Pottorf will donate an exclusively designed painting to the Southwest Florida Symphony in order to commemorate its 50th anniversary season.

This painting will be revealed at the opening reception for the Southwest Florida Symphony’s exhibit entitled “Framing the Past and Inspiring the Future Through Music” on Friday, March 5 at 5 p.m. at the Alliance for the Arts.

This one-of-a-kind painting will be available for auction beginning March 5 and will remain open through March 27, when the winner will be announced at the Southwest Florida Symphony’s Classical concert at Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall.

In addition to the generous donation made by Pottorf, the Southwest Florida Symphony – in partnership with the Alliance for the Arts – will host an exhibit for the month of March featuring artists that have created works to illustrate the importance of music in the cultural life of our community.

This juried exhibit will include 50 works specially selected for this exhibit and three winners will be chosen to be featured in programs and promotions throughout the 50th anniversary season.

Pottorf has created complex, visually provocative work for more than 30 years, enmeshing historical, iconic, architectural and cultural imagery into beautiful and sometimes unsettling compositions that intrigue the viewer, and often contains subtle and surprising combinations missed at first glance. He uses photo transfer techniques to create a photographic palette from his travels around the world.

The works are created by overlays of the images with bold brush strokes and delicate lines drawn in graphite and sometimes by attaching objects breaking the flat surface into a three dimensional construction. The paintings offer the delicacy of a watercolor and the depth of oil on canvas with the dimensional relief of a sculpture.

“Pottorf has never given up drawing although he separates it from painting so that his concept of representation does not depend on depiction,” stated curator Barbara Rose. “He draws in charcoal on top of the imagery creating an animated lively surface with rhythmic patterns as well as a more complicated space than that of uninflected flatness suggested by photography. As specific as the photographed images are, the drawing element in his paintings now has an autonomous life of its own.”

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, Pottorf worked with his father in the building industry, where he learned his love of architecture and craftsmanship. As a young man he studied art and art history in Florence, Italy at the Florida State University, Florence campus, and working with Dr. Fred Licht as a research assistant on Licht’s book on Goya and the origins of modernism, Goya and the Modern Temperament. During this period, Pottorf developed a deep love and respect for the significance of the past and its influence and clash with modern culture.

Pottorf’s experiences while living in Florence and his later travels through Europe working with Robert Rauschenberg on the Rauschenberg Culture Interchange incorporate a world view that incorporates a historical record by combining classical and modern urban scenes of everyday life; Pottorf’s paintings have been described as an “archeological dig.”

For more information on this exhibit, the Pottorf piece or the auction, contact the Southwest Florida Symphony at 239-418-0996 or the Alliance for the Arts at 239-939-2787. The Alliance for the Arts is located at 10091 McGregor Blvd. in Fort Myers.