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Caloosa Rare Fruit Exchange tree, plant sale this weekend

By Staff | Feb 11, 2010

The severe cold snap in early January wreaked havoc on much of the plant population in Lee County, especially tropical plant life, which is not built to withstand long periods of below-freezing weather.
Caloosa Rare Fruit Exchange President Rachel Singletary said the temperatures “fried” her own unique collection of plants, and probably caused “millions” of dollars worth of damage to enthusiasts and farmers’ plants alike.
“I’m hoping that a lot of our trees will have survived but it’s too early to know,” she said. “People out east, in places like Lehigh and Alva, probably lost quite a bit.”
The Caloosa Rare Fruit Exchange is hosting a tree and plant sale this weekend, giving people a chance to replace those damaged trees at an affordable price, and to raise funds for the club.
Singletary said that trees and plants will be available from $10 – $45, and include both exotic and common tropical fruits.
“It’s very affordable and a great way for people to replace their frozen trees,” Singletary added.
Founded in 1978, the Caloosa Rare Fruit Exchange is charged with introducing, propagating and distributing the many rare tropical and subtropical fruits grown throughout the world, and to educate its members and the public as to the merits of these plants, encouraging and extending their cultivation in the process.
They recently started hosting the “Taste of Lee” in the summertime, which celebrates tropical fruit, exotic plant life and small farms from around Lee County.
The event usually offers a host of chances to taste rare and exotic fruits and plants.
A scaled-down version of those tasting opportunities will be available at the plant and tree sale this weekend, according to Singletary, along with free gardening advice, free parking, free admission and helping load larger plants and trees if people need it.
“There will be all the trees and plants that people tasted at the Taste of Lee … with hundreds of different types of trees and plants,” she said.
The Caloosa Rare Fruit Exchange’s Annual Tree and Plant Sale is Saturday, Feb. 13, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m,. Terry Park, 10901 Palm Beach Boulevard, Fort Myers.
For more information, call Singletary at 543-9910.